March 13, 2012

five signs that spring is here!

1. Spring colors and designs. We love Aneela Hoey's new line "Walk in the Woods" with its fresh colors and cute animal and mushroom drawings. Spring is the perfect season for a walk in the woods! 
2. New pillowcases! Put the flannel sheets back in the closet and make yourself some new bedding. We decided to celebrate the beautiful weather with the Peanuts gang. 
3. Organic fabrics! With Earth Day coming up next month (April 22), Spring is the prime time to be green. Check out all of Birch's latest designs at the store. 
4. There's no need for socks when it's warm outside, so why not use your old knits to make sock monkeys? If you don't want to make a new toy, try a new picnic blanket made with these jumping monkeys. 
5. Bunnies! Our downstairs costume shop is getting ready for Easter with our full bunny costumes. Call if you need to rent one - they're going fast!

1 comment:

Kate in Technicolor said...

Bike prints and sock monkies! You know me all too well.

LOVE it all! :)