February 9, 2013

Changes are happening daily with the renovation!

This is a picture of the storage room where boards, doors and windows are placed for possible re-use. Lathe, plaster and ceilings are coming down daily. We can hardly contain our excitement!

Some history:
Built in 1901 the building was originally called The Professional Building. It housed  Bell Music on the ground floor; Accountants, Doctor’s and other professional offices on the top floor.  The space was broken up into small offices.

Over the years the upstairs was converted to even more multi use space - a massage parlor or two, a stringed instrument store, insurance offices, music classrooms and apartments.

The crew continues to uncover treasures.


Radiators by the 

 A safe!

Unfortunately empty...

 An old root beer can.
Does anyone remember this brand? The can is steel with a pop-top.

A postcard with a 1 cent stamp from 1909!

So stay tuned! More photos of our progress to come!


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Gail said...

Very cool!! I love the treasures. Thanks for sharing.