March 6, 2013

More progress...


The renovation is moving right along. We're still in demolition mode. Floors are coming up and walls are coming down...

A few more treasures uncovered by the crew...

Part of an old light fixture.

Some old wallpaper.

As you can see the space is really opening up!

This is a photo from last week...

 And this is today! So much open space!


 We love seeing the old stone walls,

and more skylights!

 Looking from the back toward Massachusetts Street.

 And here are the stairs down to Massachusetts Street.

 We are loving all the natural light.

 A view looking north to south ~ the entire width of the building.

We even love seeing all the old lathe and plaster from the back.

So as you can probably tell we are beyond excited with all of the renovation progress! And we're happy you're following along with us!

Until next week!



Gail said...

I LOVE seeing the progress! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

What are your plans for the upstairs?

Amy said...

Maybe by the time I get back in the area it will be done.